Nairametrics Paid Content Publishing Guidelines


Nairametrics is dedicated to maintaining high standards of integrity and transparency in all our publications. These guidelines govern the submission and publication of paid content, and adherence to them is required for all contributors.

Eligibility and Content Submission

  1. Contributor Eligibility: Contributors must be legally recognized entities or individuals.
  2. Content Submission: All submissions must include the contributor’s legal name, contact information, and disclosures.

Content Requirements

  1. Originality: Content must be original and respect copyrights and intellectual property rights.
  2. Accuracy and Fact-Checking: Contributors are responsible for the accuracy of their content.
  3. No Misleading Information: Content must not contain false, misleading, or unsubstantiated claims.
  4. Language and Tone: Content should be professionally written and respectful.

Prohibited Content

Content must not include hate speech, explicit material, false claims, or anything violating laws.

Defamatory Content

  1. Definition: Defamatory content includes any statements or claims that unjustly harm the reputation of an individual, business, or entity. This encompasses false or unsubstantiated allegations that could be damaging to someone’s character or standing.
  2. Prohibition: Contributors must ensure their content does not contain defamatory material. Nairametrics will not publish content that is deemed to be defamatory.

Disclosure and Transparency

Paid content must be clearly identified as such.

Review, Approval, and Takedown Process

  1. Review and Approval: Content is subject to Nairametrics’ review and approval.
  2. Takedown of Problematic Content: Nairametrics reserves the right to remove content that is malicious, false, factually incorrect, or defamatory without recourse or refund to the contributor.
  3. Final Approval: Publication is at Nairametrics’ discretion.

Rights and Permissions

Contributors grant Nairametrics rights to use their content, subject to these guidelines.


Contributors are responsible for their content and any legal consequences arising from it.

Changes to Guidelines

Nairametrics may update these guidelines, with contributors responsible for staying informed and compliant.


Submission of content to Nairametrics constitutes agreement with these guidelines.


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